An Ancient Art Form
The Alambic Charentais

Brandy No. 83

The story begins on a foggy night in 1983. Mr. Pruhlo, the founder of the company of the exotic Charentais Still, had come from France to experience the start of something new. Everyone was hushed as the Still was lit for the very first run… Over 40 years has passed since these humble beginnings.

Double-distilled in Charbay’s Alambic Charentais Pot Still from 100% Folle Blanche, the classic variety of Cognac, then aged in new French Limousin and Nevers Oak barrels for 27 years.

“Launching the Brandy program in 1983 was a long-term commitment to distilling in California. I wanted the brandy to reflect my heritage of hand distilling. That my son Marko apprenticed by my side and learned to distill whiskey, rum and vodka while the Brandy aged…well that’s how my people carry on. For me distilling isn’t a business, it’s a way of life”. – Miles Karakasevic

93 Points - “…decidedly soft and easy to drink with a long-lasting finish of more dried fruit. A real treat to taste so purchase if you see it”. –

“Perhaps the finest American Brandy every distilled, this is a crowning achievement from the guys at Charbay. Awesomely rich and bursting with intense flavors, you’ll never forget this incredible bottle”. –

Alcohol 40% | 80 Proof | 375ml & 750ml

Brandy No. 89

Distilled during the winter of 1989, Brandy No. 89 is a classic. Opening with caramel, toasty vanilla aromas, as layer upon layer unfolds on each sip with notes of pear, jasmine & touches of dark chocolate. Well-balanced and refined, with a nice heat and spice on the finish.

Double-distilled in Charbay’s Alambic Charentais Pot Still from a blend of 74% Pinot Noir & 26% Sauvignon Blanc. Aged 24 years in new French Limousin & Nevers oak.

“We selected 22 barrels that captured toasty, caramel richness that we wanted for this release. When it got down to the strength of the finished brandy, I didn't have the heart to cut the alcohol below 46% because the flavors were so meshed and smooth. So though you may expect a Brandy at 40%, there's a little more gusto in this bottling”. – Marko Karakasevic

5 STARS / Highest Recommendation - “A world-class, pot still brandy”. – Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal

93 Points - “This is a finely balanced brandy that leaves one eager for another sip”. –

Alcohol 46% | 92 Proof | 750ml