WHISKEY - R5 Aged Lot 511A


Now in its second release, Charbay's R5 Whiskey is distilled from Bear Republic's award-winning Racer 5 IPA® beer (7% abv).

Marko distilled 6000 gallons for 10 days straight in our family's classic 1000 gallon Alambic Charentais Pot Still to create just 590 gallons of whiskey.

He chose Gold Medal-winning Racer 5 IPA ® for its upfront  aromatic hops, laty, great dose of bittering hops, high quality two-row barley, balanced and a smooth, clean finish...See if you can taste how each of these is revealed in the whiskey.

Aged in French oak for 29 months. Lot 511A is our distillers' shorthand for its distillation (May 2011) and 'A' for 'aged.'
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  • Bottle Size: 750 mL
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