Tequila Tapatio Añejo

Hello, Tequila Tapatio! 
After 75 years of distilling in Arandas and sales across Mexico, the venerable Tapatio Tequila has arrived in the US. 

YES - it's the same Tequila Tapatio you met & loved in Mexico!

Distiller Carlos Camarena has developed cult like status with Tequila lovers with the quality and integrity of his hard to obtain Tapatio brand. It stands alone with its pure classic flavor profile of 100% Blue Agave Tequila from the highlands. 

Why is it so loved? Tapatio sets the bar for the old authentic flavor that is disappearing in modern Tequilas. Respected author, Robert Plotkin, of Bar Media and a respected Tequila writer, wrote: “Wow, Tapatio...I'm already salivating”. 

The Camarena Family distills 100% estate grown blue agaves. Many know the family distillery through El Tesoro and other custom Tequilas. Charbay’s father and son team distilled their Tequila there. That’s the friendship that brought Tapatio to America. 

True Tequila aficionados and star bartenders make the trek to Camarena’s La Alteña Distillery in Arandas as a right of passage into the old Tequila world. Enlightened by Tapatio’s intriguing flavor profile, many tried to find a way to get it in the US. It took the friendship & trust of two distilling families to make it happen. 

Charbay Distillers is the exclusive USA Importer of the Tapatio brand.   

Suggested Retail: $44.00/ 1 Liter Bottle

Presently Available in the following states: We'll post as we add more.

California (MK Spirits - Northern CA, Congenial - Southern CA)

New York (Martin Scott)

New Jersey (Martin Scott)

Nevada (SWS)

Missouri (Vintegrity)

New Jersey (Martin Scott)

Florida (Vinecraft)

Texas (Virtuoso)

Maryland (Bacchus)

Wisconsin (Los Altos Agave Distributors)


  • Composition: 100% Estate Grown Blue Agave
  • Distillation: Copper Pot Stills
  • Serving Suggestions: Shake a delicious Margarita with 2 parts Tapatio, 1 part fresh squeezed lime juice and one part simple syrup or agave nector. Miles & Marko always have a Paloma when in Tequila country. Also, sip Tequila Tapatio over an ice cube to savor the true agave flavors.
  • Find in a Store Near You: Available in: California (MK Spirits) New York (Martin Scott New Jersey (Martin Scott) Nevada (SWS) Missouri (Vintegrity) New Jersey (Martin Scott), Florida (Vinecraft) Texas (Virtuoso) Maryland (Bacchus) Wisconsin (Los Altos Agave Distributors)
  • Alcohol: 40 % by Vol.
  • Bottle Size: 1 L
  • Tasting Notes: Spicy agave flavors are accented by the old fashioned distilling methods. Estate grown blue agaves are chosen and harvested only when fully ripe.
  • Additional Information: California State law does not permit us to ship directly to CA residents. Please call 707-963-9327 or contact us so we can find the store closest to you.
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