We're between releases right now - Our Newsletter will announce the next batch.

Packed with aromas and flavors of Licorice Root, Star Anise, and many additional herbs from around the world, this Pastis will take your taste buds on a trip around the Planet! The flavors are refreshing. A glass of Charbay Pastis should be associated with outdoor cafes and lively conversations... any where.

Why Pastis: Miles and Marko distilled this for Susan who has loved Pastis for years. About four years ago she was told that the best Pastis never leaves France. After two research trips to Provence, Susan knew her husband and son at their family's Distillery in California could distill her favorite flavors into a professionally finished, intense Pastis.

After two research trips to Provence, Susan and Miles tasted many of the various styles available from Paris to Nice. Susan knew Miles & Marko could distill her favorite flavors into an artisan natural style Pastis with a beautiful rich intensity. They sourced a vast assortment of herbs, spices and botanicals including three kinds of anise, fresh nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon sticks, and orris root. Lara took the photo because the whole family was involved with the project. The individual herbs were prepared, blended and distilled. It was released at 90 proof. When you open the bottle, the aromas come pouring out.

After a full day, it's a gift to oneself to sit down with an aperitif and some cured olives, fresh vegetables or even some nuts...just something to nibble as we pass from busy day to evening. Taking a moment to decompress.

Take a moment to feel the connection with more of nature's own ingredients.

"I enjoy Pastis because it's refreshing with light foods before dinner,"  explains Susan. After a full day, it's a gift to oneself to sit down with an aperitif and some cured olives, fresh vegetables like radishes, even a small bowl of nuts. Just something to nibble while we slow down. Miles calls it 'time to decompress.'

Our first release of Pastis was written up as the most outstanding product tasted during one wine writer weeklong visit to California. And if you've read A Year in Provence or spent time in France, you already primed to enjoy California's first Pastis...Cheers!!

Susan's Note:There are only a few bottles left in the distillery library. Occasionally we'll hear from someone who has bottles tucked away. Miles didn't distill it again as he was on to the next exciting spirit.

Hopefully, someone in the Charbay family will distill Pastis again from the recipe we fine tuned. It is truly the best Pastis I've ever tasted. No artifical colors. A natural viscosity. Pure and delicious. And naughty, as the English say.

Absinthe... we have an aging aproved Absinthe formula in the vault. Miles even grew the Wormwood for the flavoring. It's growning wild now and Marko uses it in cocktails!But Absinthe spun into such a trendy fad that Miles & Marko stepped back. They already were on to something else.

That's very Charbay. We do have a 'let me know when you distill more Pastis' list. Some of us do believe we'll see it again. I'll keep pushing from my office.

This product is in between bottlings and is currently unavailable. Please check back soon or contact us to be added to our waiting list. We'll let you know as soon as it's been released!

  • Serving Suggestions: There is a bit of a ritual in drinking Pastis. Pour about 3 - 4 ounces over ice, add a splash of water from the decanter... swirl the glass and sip with cured olives or nuts before sitting down to eat.
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  • Production: 50 cases; 2nd release
  • Alcohol: 45 % by Vol., 90 Proof
  • Bottle Size: 750 mL
  • Additional Information: Silk-screened bottle, frosted Bellissima