Pomegranate Dessert Wine


Wake up your taste buds! Miles and Marko used organically-grown pomegranates to create this "port like" wine.
Pomegranate Dessert Wine can be enjoyed at room temp, chilled & even on the rocks when it's hot out.
It can be used in a reduction sauce for pouring over ice cream or used in a sauté of pork medallions.
Pairs well with chocolate desserts. Calistoga Ranch, in Napa Valley, loves it!”

Key Facts:

100% organically grown pomegranates are tree ripened, picked, juiced and fermented within hours of picking.
Fermentation was arrested with Charbay’s own pot distilled Pinot Noir Brandy that was aged in French oak.
The flavor opens with bright tart and sweet flavors, capturing the earthiness of fresh pomegranates.,
Charbay works directly with the grower family in central CA
Pairs well with roasted chestnuts, with cigars and blends with cream/eggnog for wine cocktails.

March 17th Update:
New Bottling News - Here comes the Pomegranate Batch we raved about - the brightest, ripest red Pomegranates we've seen, yet!
***Present Price is $45.00 -  we'll hold that price for you until April 15th when it slides to $59.
  • Bottle Size: 750 mL
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