Brandy No. 89

5 STARS/HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION  - "A world-class pot-still brandy that, to my mind, is a pinnacle achievement of master distiller Miles Karakasevic. That's saying a lot when one considers the numerous milestone distillates he and son Marko have produced in the last quarter century. In a word, WOW." - Spirit Journal

Distilled during the winter of 1989, Brandy No. 89 is a classic. Caramel, toasty vanilla aromas and flavors with a touch of clove...Layer after layer unfolds with each sip. The finish is full with long, lingering flavors.

This is an ancient art form: the Alambic Charentais sorts out the men from the boys because 'you live with how you make those cuts'. Other stills are automatic - turn it on and stand back. But they strip the flavors instead of building up layers of flavors. 

Aged 24 years in Limousin and Never French oak.

We selected 22 barrels that captured toasty, caramel richness that we wanted for this release. When it got down to the strength of the finished brandy, Marko didn't have the heart to cut the alcohol below 46% because the flavors were so meshed and smooth. So though you may expect a Brandy at 40%, there's a little more gusto in this bottling. You know Marko. He wants you taste it as if you were right there with him
  • Serving Suggestions: Taste it neat in a snifter, first. Then add a splash of water to release more flavors.
  • Collectors Alert: Wax sealed. Mostly sold at the Still House in St. Helena.
  • Alcohol: 46% / 92 Proof
  • Bottle Size: 750 mL
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