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Charbay Green Tea Aperitif | Item No. 1060
Charbay Green Tea Aperitif | Item No. 1060

Charbay Green Tea Aperitif
Item No. 1060 | In Stock - Ships in 2-3 Business Days

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Green Tea Aperitif

Entertaining is fun and easy with Charbay Green Tea Aperitif! Set out a tray with rocks glasses, an ice bucket and a couple bottles of Charbay Green Tea Aperitif and your bar is open.

It's so easy to serve: simply pour over ice and your cocktail is ready! Add a lemon or a lime peel to add a little 'pop' to the flavors and to give it that classic cocktail look.

Want to add a little sparkle? Top up with tonic or sparkling water.

Charbay Green Tea Aperitif is made with 100% green tea leaves that Miles selected for their for their delicate flavors. Miles & Marko extract the whole-leaf green teas right here at the Distillery. The base is a white wine. It's topped off with with Charbay's own pot distilled brandy.

Whether you enjoy it as a rich tasting cocktail ready for you to enjoy or, as our local B&B proprietress requested, as a wonderful nightcap served in a thimble sized crystal stemware glass - you'll be impressed with the true flavors of the Green Tea.

Shaken, rolled or Stirred? Try our ready-to-drink aperitif and let us know what you decide! What about a Green Tea Aperitif ice cream shake!

We've created a ready to drink cocktail from a favorite recipe for you. No mixers, simple syrup, jiggers or mixology required! Just add ice! Whether you pour them over ice in a rocks glass or shake them into a martini, you'll have a perfect drink every time, ready in seconds.

Charbay Green Tea Aperitif is made with 100% whole, fresh ingredients - our distillers' own high-grade whole-leaf green tea extract, our proprietary blend of pure fruit juices with a white wine base for intense flavor.

As with all Charbay wines & spirits, they are free of artificial flavors and so-called "natural" flavors that come in a jug... and no added colors. Just real whole-leaf tea!

About.com/Cocktail Guide Rating (a division of the NY Times) - 5 Stars!

"Many companies take on the challenge of creating a "cocktail" that is ready to drink straight out of the bottle, but few are worth mentioning. However, when a distiller is as refined as Charbay releases an RTD, you have to take notice.

They are as finely crafted as their flavored vodka counterparts. These drinks have that pure, natural flavoring in a clean, sweet aperitif wine and are ideal for a super-easy, premium before dinner drink."

Production: Small Lots
Growing Season: Year around
Serving Suggestions: Love coolers? Add lemonade. Or pour into champagne glass and add sparkling wine, sparkling raspberry or even tonic.
Find in a Store Near You: Available at the Distillery or on our website.
Alcohol: 21% by Vol.
Bottle Size: 750 mL
Additional Information: A real favorite for easy entertaining.


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By Micah and Amber
Delicious and unexpected- crisp and refreshing beginning or end to a summer meal!

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Charbay Green Tea Aperitif | Item No. 1060
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Green Tea Aperitif

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