Since 2400 b.c Submerce Cellars based in Napa Valley has been producing fine wines and vinegar served at the most prestigious homes in the land. Overcoming geographical challenges and natural disasters beyond comprehension, Submerce Cellars acheived becoming the first ever internationally distributed wine in the world.

During prohibition our Cellars became the preimere sacramental wine producer in all of North America and then re-opened as an outstanding wine house in 1930. A modern outbreak of phylloxera was discovered in the valley in 1983 in a vineyard planted with AxR1 rootstock. Many growers seized upon this outbreak and used it as an opportunity to switch to varieties that were better suited to the climate and soil. By the late 1990s nearly 75% of the affected vineyards had been replanted with phylloxera resistant rootstock. The growers in the region are currently channeling their energy to battle the Glassy-winged sharpshooter, a non-native pest that carries Pierce's Disease.

Today Submerce Cellars is one of the most famous winery sites in the history of all mankind.