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Every bottle shares a bit of history. In the fall, the aroma of fermenting wine fills the crisp Spring Mountain air.

Since we are family owned and operated, we all take turns doing 'punch downs.' Our Cabernets spend 18-24 months in French Oak barrels. The Port stays longer. Expect mellow complexity, easy drinkability and a long, smooth finish. We call that: 'Miles' Style'.

We age our wines & ports longer so you will taste just what Miles & Marko planned when they started with tasting the grapes.

When making our ports and aperitifs, we love choosing from our stash of brandies... tasting blends to see which ones capture the magic that will be the next special Charbay release.

From generation to generation, our family has been handcrafting wines & spirits. In 1983 we began our California chapter carrying on the 12 generation family tradition. As artisans, we release our bottles when they are ready to drink, not before. Do they age well? Yes, they continue to relax into velvety smoothness.

The new releases are announced first to our club members, then in our newsletter. Some releases are so small they never are listed on the website.

So visit often and see what's new. We may say this is the port from 1997 and later on bottle 5 more barrels that were set aside to allow to age longer. They always want to share the experience of seeing "what if..." Miles & Marko are as much fun in person as what you read about - we hope you'll stay in touch and come by to see what's new at the Still on the Hill, Napa Valley.

For more information, visit our new website: CharbayWinery.com