CHARBAY Vodka: REAL Flavored Vodkas
We've been making flavored vodkas with whole, fresh ingredients since 1998. In 2003 we introduced the first flavored vodkas made with organically grown fruit (Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange & Pomegranate).

Whole, Fresh Ingredients Only
CHARBAY Vodkas are made of only whole, fresh ingredients They are free of the essences, perfumes, dyes, fragrances & so-called “natural flavors” (which can be made artificially, so long as their molecules exist in nature) found in other vodka brands.
Secret Extraction Method A.S.E.T.
Our herbs, spices & fruit, such as organically-grown Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon, are crushed whole - skins and all - and extracted to pull all the flavor and color out. How the extraction is done is the secret of what makes Charbay Vodka taste so great.

Award-Winning Clear Vodka
After the extraction is made, it's integrated into Charbay's award-winning clear vodka, voted #1 in the World by Spirit Journal for 2 years in a row for its smoothness, taste and mouthfeel.Our clear vodka is distilled to 192 proof and is free of charcoal, limestone and other filter agents that many vodka brands advertise.  Classic/96-100 pts - Wine Enthusiast & "Vodka of the Year" - FOOD & WINE  
Please see individual product pages for alc. by vol.

Please Note: We are not allowed to sell our Spirits Directly in California to Customers.
By law, we cannot sell to consumers, to stores nor to restaurants.
If you are in California, please check with your favorite shop who can order from our
statewide Distributor. We hope these laws change soon. We'd love to sell to you.