The Making of Charbay Vodka

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The Making of CHARBAY Vodka (7 minutes)

For over 25 years, CHARBAY has been the premiere artisan distillery in the United States.
"In reality, Charbay is an art endeavor, expressed through alcohols, flavors and things..."  says Founder Miles Karakasevic.
The "things" ? Perhaps it's the Old World skills and knowledge passed down through 12 generations. Perhaps it's the New World creativity to take that to the next level.

Miles and his family have dedicated their lives to the fine art of distillation and making flavors from 100% real ingredients from around the world.

Meyer Lemon Whole-Fresh-Fruit Vodka - here's a little bit of the story.

 Visiting Napa Valley? Come see us

Well, while we have your attention - sit back & enjoy a couple  Movies(click here) of Miles & Marko making Tequila down in Mexico... such a father son adventure. Which is about to lead to some thing really exciting we'll be announcing soon!

Here's a recent interview with Marko on Lynn Krielow Chamberlain's Wine Site    She combs the world for great interviews with people who are passionate and making the world a better place. That includes Marko.

If you're looking for a vodka that tastes like the real fruit - Charbay Whole Fresh Fruit Vodkas are going to bring an explosion of fruit flavors to your cocktails. And as they all said when they first tasted it: Wow, it tastes like the real fruit!