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Whiskey Release IV

1999 Whiskey lot, released in five bottlings

Distillers’ Notes: When my father & I distilled this whiskey in ‘99, we decided to release it in waves so whiskey fans could experience the evolving flavors just as if they were at the Distillery. Now, with 16 years of age, the hops have settled into the mid palate while the toasty richness from the American oak barrels carries the bold main body. Some want to add a splash of water, some won’t. Be ready for an explosion of spice and caramel flavors.
                              -Marko Karakasevic, 13th Generation Master Distiller

- Fourth release from 1999 Collector’s Whiskey Series, distilled by Grand Master Distiller Miles Karakasevic, and his son, Master Distiller Marko Karakasevic

- Beautiful 13 ½ year amber color from its original new American oak (Char #3) barrel. Spicy nose, fragrance of toasted vanilla. Hop and brown barrel spices have joined together to make one big spice. The malted barley and dried apricot flavors are rich and integrated. Warm flavors of dark caramel, brown spices and smoked honey. Silky body and long, spicy finish.

223 bottles from Barrel 19. 114 bottles are being released now; the balance are headed to the Charbay library. 

Limit 1 bottle per person

Notes about the Pilsner Whiskey Series:
Distilled in 1999 from bottle-ready Pilsner Beer (Benzinger Winery & Brewery, which is now Benzinger Winery). 20,000 gallons of beer distilled into 1,000 gallons of Whiskey.
Release I: Aged 2 years in new American White Oak. 840 bottle release. 64.7% ABV (129.4 proof), barrel strength
Release II: Aged 6 years in new American White Oak + 3 years in stainless. 120 case release. 55% ABV (110 proof).
Release III: Aged 6 years in new American White Oak + 8 years in stainless. 228 case release. 66.2 ABV (132.4 proof, barrel strength)
Release IV: Aged 13 1/2 years in new American White Oak. 223 bottle release. 69.6 ABV (139.2 proof, barrel strength)
Release V: Fall 2016 release. Only 5 cases being released. Wait list is full, but email us to get information about the next Pilsner Whiskey (2015) batch, which is now barrel aging.

 - Pilsner beer was brewed from 100% Two-Row European Barley grown & malted in British Columbia

- Double-distilled in an Alambic Charentais Pot Still

- 20,000 gallons of bottle-ready Pilsner turned into 1,000 gallons of whiskey (before aging)

- Aged 13 1/2 years in new American White Oak barrels (charred #3 Gator Skin)

- This release is bottled at 139.2 proof / full barrel strength / unfiltered 

- 1 barrel chosen for the Release IV

"The whiskey is exquisite...If there's another bottle, I'll gladly take it. This is quite possibly #1 or #2 in my whiskey collection... Love it!" - Raj N.

95 Points, Wine Enthusiast

“… this deep amber whiskey has a concentrated cocoa-hazelnut-caramel aroma, with an undercurrent of hops. The same flavors are echoed on the palate, although the hops are even more pronounced. It finishes long, complex and fiery, with pops of cinnamon, sarsaparilla, orange peel and clove, and a slight beer-like effervescence. Single barrel."                                                          -Kara Newman

 Neat, on a large cube of ice and/or a few drops of water.

Alc. by Vol


Bottle Size
750 ML