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Clear Vodka

Since 1983, Charbay Clear Vodka is an American classic - it's distilled to 192 proof for extra purity and has a signature silky mouthfeel that you expect from Charbay.

Charbay's 13th Generation Master Distiller, Marko Karakasevic, chose American Midwest corn and rye for Charbay Clear Vodka. It is distilled to 192 proof for purity, then gently filtered to preserve the spirit's body and mouthfeel.

To 'cut' the vodka to 80 proof, Marko uses Charbay's proprietary water process.

We do not filter through charcoal, limestone or filter-agents.

"Vodka of the Year"
- Food & Wine Magazine

"#1 Vodka in the World (Twice!)"
- Spirit Journal

"If you haven't tried Charbay, your life has a huge hole in it. "
- Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal

On the rocks, with a splash of soda water, or shaken & served up? You know what to do!

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