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Join us this year for ourClub Barbecue...
We also have some more events coming up that you'll hear about here in the Newsletter!



Charbay Bread Pudding with
Whiskey Sauce...

      Photos courtesy of Nick Vasilopoulos
 Charbay Bread Appertizers... rubbed with Garlic.

Greetings from Charbay

The Wine Club Barbecue was the best one yet. Everyone arrived hungry and ready for the irresistible Langosh (savory Serbian fried bread) followed by the roasted pig, Gibanitza, Dave's homeade lasagne, salads and bread pudding with Susan's Brandy Sauce. Everyone’s busy here at Charbay...

Marko is distilling away and is really excited about his whiskey barrel program. He told so many people about it that when he started selling barrels, he realized he needed to get back to distilling! See you in a month, Marko!

Bryan has had a crazy schedule selling to local accounts (you can now find several places to enjoy Charbay Brandy - Solage in Calistoga has been pouring quite a bit of it), and working with our distributors nationwide to get Charbay more readily available to you - he certainly has his hands full!

Jenni is back part time & busy telling the Charbay story as she is sliding into the PR department, with baby Miles in tow.

Uncle John is greeting visitors from around the world and having a lot of fun pouring our new Chardonnay, which has been really well received.

That keeps Dana & Mark busy with shipping.

Marko bottled the newest Pomegranate Dessert Wine and Uncle John is happily pouring it - just in time for the shockingly good Pomegranate Eggnog Holiday cocktail!

I am working on the next brandy label, the next Whiskey Release "S" and Release "R5" labels and looks as if Marko is going to share some of the Rum he's been holding; Just need to get the printer set up.

Everyone says hello, Susan & the Charbay Family


Coming & Going...

The End of a vintage - Cabernet Sauvignon 2003, down to the last 10 cases.
This is a Library Wine that we've enjoyed pouring in the tasting room. Last call! It will likely sell out before the holidays.

The 2006 Cabernet Franc has dwindled down to 35 cases. It was chocolatey and soft last night with charcoal grilled lamb ribs and Miles' wilted greens. It's a wine that brings all levels of tasters together. We should have made more.

The Pomegranate Dessert Wine is back - and we're about to start serving it with Egg Nog for the November-December 'season' in the Still House.

Call Uncle John (707-963-9327) if you want him to put your name on a mixed case.

Newsletter Special: 6 bottles of Pomegranate Dessert Wine for $215

6_72_Charbay_cocktail rocks withlime

Fun cocktail from Mohawk Bend, Los Angeles

The Mohawk Bend Vanilla Bean Daiquiri
1 1/2 oz Charbay Tahitian Vanilla Bean Rum
1 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
3/4 oz Vanilla Bean Syrup
Fill Boston Shaker half full with ice
Add rum, lime juice and vanilla bean syrup
Strain into cocktail glass. Add a lime wedge as garnish

People can't seem to get enough of this cocktail” wrote Liz Fowler, Mohawk Bend co-owner. Mohawk Bend in Los Angeles carries only CA spirits and has become a huge supporter of Charbay. For more places to drink Charbay, click here.


Marko Karakasevic’s youthful rebellion was most unusual. As a teen Karakasevic brewed beer, daydreaming about one day opening a brewery. His parents quickly burst his illicit bubble. “My mom said, ‘No beer. This is a distilling family,’” recalls Karakasevic, 38, who was slated to be the 13th generation distiller in his family’s long line of distillers and winemakers.

Following a brief detour to college, Karakasevic came to his senses and joined the family trade: Napa Valley’s Charbay Winery & Distillery, which dad Miles and mom Susan founded in 1983. After several years producing Charbay’s wines, brandies and fruit-infused vodkas, Karakasevic’s mind drifted back to beer, specifically its kinship with whiskey. Whiskey begins life as a distiller’s beer, or wash, that’s made with malted barley, water and yeast. Since wash traditionally lacks hops, which contribute bitterness to beer, it’s a raw ingredient, not something to sip. “I thought, Why can’t we distill something we enjoy drinking, like really good beer?” recalls Karakasevic.
  Read the rest of the story here


Ideas to for the Holidays - it's time to start thinking about presents to send out. Let us ship for you!

- Charbay Tahitian Vanilla Bean Rum and two rocks glasses $39
(non CA shipments only)

- Charbay Brandy N0.83, 27 years old & mellow as only hand distilling can deliver. Bottle is wrapped in dark blue tissue.  $185/375ml or $350/750ml

- Dessert Wine lovers: a bottle of Pomegranate Dessert Wine + a bottle of 1997 Distillers' Port $79

Liquid smiles from all of us,

Miles & Susan, Marko & Jenni, Dana, John, Mark and Bryan