Tahitian Vanilla Bean Rum


Miles extracted rare whole, pure Tahitian Vanilla beans for their exceptional fragrance and combined his extract with Charbay Rum.

As with all Charbay wines & spirits, no colors, essences or so-called "natural flavors" are ever added.

CHARBAY Tahitian Vanilla Bean Rum over ice, is as easy as it gets. Gentle flavors so true to the Tahitian vanilla bean and rum flavers so mellow you'll wonder why didn't you start sipping it sooner. Taste the 'Miles & Marko' style of distilling.

After a year of research and travels to find the finest vanilla beans, Miles brought home 100% real Tahitian Vanilla Beans. They are quite rare (less than 5% of the world’s real vanilla supply). The beans were extracted for 3 month, then blended into Charbay Cane Rum. We lightly filtered the blend to preserve the body, mouthful and fragrance of both the tropical sugar cane rum and real vanilla. Only the finest grade of vanilla beans would do... and "at the peak price, too," Miles will tell you.

For the base Rum, Miles and Marko sourced fresh sugar cane honey from Hawaii. They distilled with our copper Alambic pot still. Either Miles or Marko watched over the distillation and constantly measured the flow. Every batch is unique and they agreed where to make the cuts to accent the flavors they wanted to capture. The Rum was allowed to mellow before adding their Tahitian vanilla bean extract.

  • The Flavors: Authentic rich vanilla-rum flavors. 
  • One of a few available rums distilled in the United States in a classic Alambic Charentais Pot Still.

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  • Serving Suggestions: Serve over ice. You can add a splash of mineral water or soda - Susan suggests over ice. Sometimes Marko adds a splash of Charbay Raspberry Vodka.
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  • Alcohol: 35% by Vol.
  • Bottle Size: 750 mL
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