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Setting the benchmark of tequila quality!
Catch the enthusiasm as you read why this authentic Tequila is so special... 

"We distilled to accent the flavors of the Agave..." Marko 

95 PointsSuperb/Highly Recommended WINE ENTHUSIAST: "...The flavor is sweet and smooth, with light citrus notes and a faintly spicy, warming finish. Kara Newman 

WINE ENTHUSIAST Robert Plotkin: “Having already conquered vodka and rum, Domaine Charbay and the indomitable Karakasevic family ventured to Arandas and created an Olympic-caliber 100% agave Tequila. Their blanco is lush, vital and sensational.”

Spirit Journal's Paul Pacult writes: "… perfectly clean and pure… delicately herbal; midpalate continues the elegance found on the nose and at entry as the flavor profile features impeccably clean distillate, gentle spiciness, and a soft, almost plump, sap-like sweetness as the midpalate advances into the aftertaste. One of the most graceful and understated blancos to come my way…

"Ann & I were blown away by the tequila. We agreed that it is one of the best we have ever tasted...and we wrote a book on tequila in the '90's and have tasted hundreds of tequilas. Really a terrific job. You guys should be proud of yourselves. A really incredible tequila. " Larry & Ann Walker, authors of Tequila, The Book

GOLD STAR Rating - "Extremely pure aromas of agave, bright citrus and green melon... creamy, balanced and rich ... a long finish." Sante Magazine Gold Star Spirit

Miles writes:

From all the world's distilled spirits, Tequila is by far one of the most challenging. We combined the traditional methods of a classic distillery in the highlands with our proprietary Charbay distilling methods. We were able to be there in the fields where they picked the estate grown agaves. We were beside the ovens as they baked. We guided the fermentation and we distilled following the wisdom of our 13 generations. I designed the label to convey the artisan ways of two family distilleries. The GPS coordinates of the agave field are on the label so you can see exactly where they were picked. 

It was an adventure that came out of distillers discussing distilling... Marko & I learned a lot and we shared lots of our fermenting & distilling ideas with the family. The friendship that grew is built on respect. Distilling Tequila is not for the faint of heart. 

This is a fragrant, true to the source, clean tequila. From all of the world’s distilled spirit classes, Tequila is by far one of the most challenging. We combined the traditional methods of a classic tequila distillery in the Arandas area with our proprietary Charbay distilling methods that have developed for 13 generations. The mutual trust, respect and camaraderie with our host distillers will last a lifetime. This has been a real learning experience.

Marko writes: 
During the final distillation at 142 Proof, our Tequila tasted as if you were chewing on fresh chamomile buds. Later, at 140 Proof, it started to taste like cinnamon. At 138 Proof, the flavors were of herbaceous, rich agave, with a pepper spice finish. We captured all these flavors, even after cutting to 80 proof! Our distilling trips to Arandas during the last three years have been packed full of learning and sharing production & distilling techniques unique to tequila. With an international spotlight on this release, we know we are up against the world's benchmarks. We nailed the super refinement of Tequila. That was our distilling goal along with accenting the true agave flavors. 

My Dad designed the label. After they were printed in St. Helena, I personally carried the 5 boxes of labels down to Arandas at the end of June. I was there when it was being bottled & labeled. 


Agave, when cut back to the heart of the plant, are then called pinas.

Additional Facts:
  • Miles & Marko are the first American Distillers to personally hand distill 100% Blue Agave Tequila Blanco in Mexico. 
  • Tequila is a very complicated spirit... it takes 7-10 years for an agave to mature. They are harvested & then baked. They are pressed then fermented. Then distilled. And distilled, again. 
  • Miles & Marko were excited to be guest distillers at a respected distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. They were given the freedom to 'do it their way'. You get to taste a new level of Tequila
  • To be authentic Agave Tequila, it must be distilled and bottled in Mexico, as mandated by the International Appellation of Origin and the Mexican Government.
  • The Blue Agave in Charbay Tequila is estate grown at the altitude of +7,120 in the superior, intensely red volcanic soils (Las Teirras Rojas de Los Altos de Jalisco) in the foothills of St. Augustine Mountain. They are cared for by experienced Agaveros for eight years until ready to harvest. The agave were hand selected and harvested while Miles & Marko were on site. The agave/ pinas are then transported to the distillery. The pinas are halved or quartered by hand and stacked into the old brick ovens (small ovens—not large steel autoclaves). The agave is baked slowly for four days, then crushed to extract the sweet agave juice (“Mosto”) for fermentation.
  • This is the first 100% Blue Agave Tequila hand-distilled by California distillers. Charbay combines traditional Tequila distilling methods with their European proprietary techniques of double-distilling. It's a rare story of camaraderie amongst fellow distillers. Sharing techniques and both teams learning & growing.
  • It's sipping tequila. Try it over ice and enjoy the pure agave flavors.

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Charbay Tequila Blanco is sold out. we are not sure if Miles & Marko Will be making more. Thank you for supporting Charbay. Please try the Tequila Tapatio Blanco.

  • Composition: 100% Blue Agave
  • Fermentation: A selected fraction of freshly made “Mosto” is pumped into small wood fermenters to slowly ferment. Once the “Mosto” ferments into dry “Mosto Muerte” it is ready to be distilled.
  • Distillation: Double distilled by Miles and Marko in small (90-250 gallon) Copper Alambiques Tequilano Pot Stills.
  • Filtration: Barely filtered to preserve mouth feel, texture and viscosity of blue agave.
  • Serving Suggestions: Enjoy Charbay Tequila Blanco neat, over ice or in your favorite Tequila cocktail. Enjoy Charbay - you know who distilled it! Salud to Mexico and their wonderful spirit Tequila.
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  • Alcohol: 40% By Vol. / 80 PROOF
  • Bottle Size: 750 mL
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