Sauvignon Blanc, 1983

Imagine you open a bottle of Charbay 1983 Sauvignon Blanc and pour 2 oz. into fine port-style glass. The aroma is of ... oh, we hate to put words in your mind but this what everyone in the tasting room says: "aromas of pear, honey and apricots pour out of the glass". Not everyone can match the aromas with words so they go on to the first sip... you sense silky, viscous sweetness completely balanced with a gentle acidity and then the flavors hit your senses! Here come the honey, apricot and pear flavors balanced and light but so in tune with each other that one lady said, "it's like having angels dance on your tongue!"

Now here are the facts that will scare away the unknowing: this is a fully Botrysized Sauvignon Blanc wine with a second fermentation and long quiet aging in a cool cellar. Miles & Marko didn't even want to label it because it became their 'want to taste something special' bottle to surprise guests.  It is available here at the winery. We don't like to ship it because it's fun to sell to customers who understand the magic of Botrytis.

Look up a photo of Botrytis - it's a rare gray mold that grows on Sauvignon Blanc when it rains and the wind doesn't come along soon enough to dry the grapes. Clusters are hand picked, fermented either to a desired sweetness or fermented dry as the French are known to do. We fermented most of our '83 & '84 dry and sold it long ago. The 1983 Sauvignon Bland on our website is a "Taste this" wine that is shared sparingly. The cases are dwindling down. We sort of hide it on our web site.
Trust me, it's heavenly. Susan
  • Vintage: 1983
  • Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
  • Composition: Fully Botrysized
  • Winemaker: Miles Karakasevic
  • Collectors Alert: Available at the winery, only. Very limited.
  • Alcohol: 13.4% by Vol.
  • Bottle Size: 375 mL

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