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General Distillation Equipment

The technology of simple fractional, alcohol distillation uses basically three pieces of equipment: Still, Rectifying System and Condenser.

Fundamentally, there are three different kinds of alcohol stills, with various rectifying and condensing systems and numerous distillation techniques:

  1. Batch Still: All copper, direct fire, classic Alambic Pot-Still with head & swan's neck and coil Condenser.
  2. Continuous (industrial) Still: Steel / Glass column stills, steam heated, rectifiers & condensers.
  3. Various Hybrid Stills of the first two sysems: Each system is used to distill various spirits of varied quality. Economy and quality of spirits production are the main reasons for choice.

The Karakasevic Family Double-Distillation, 7 Fraction Distillation Process

Our Classic Alambic Pot-Still Distillery consists of 3 pieces of equipment:

  1. Alambic Pot-Still
  2. Preheater
  3. Condenser

The Alambic Pot-Still is formed into an onion shape from two plates of red copper. An Onion Head (shape) rectifying part is flanged to the neck of the Pot-Still. Flanged to the top of the Onion Head is the Swan's Neck (shape) formed piece which is further pipe-connected through the Preheater into the Condenser's serpentine coil pipe which finally ends at the Port.

The Preheater is also an onion shaped vessel of equal size as the Pot-Still. It is used as energy and time saving device only and as such is not an essential part of distillation. Once the batch of wine is distilling, the next batch of cold wine to be distilled is pumped into the Preheater situated above and away from the Pot-Still.

The hot steam rising from the Pot-Still during distillation passes through the Preheater and pre-heats the cold wine. Since the Preheater is elevated, the warmed wine will by gravity re-fill the empty Pot-Still very fast, thereby saving energy and idle time between distillations.

The Condenser is a wide, open-top copper tank with a " serpentine " coil pipe inside. The Condenser is always full of cold water. The hot steam comes from the Pot-Still through the Preheater and into the closed serpentine pipe of the Condenser. When surrounded with the cold water of the Condenser, the steam in the serpentine pipe condenses into a liquid spirit. The metamorphosis of wine into a spirit is finished.